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Entities SHOULD have language variants of certain elements. All entities SHOULD have an English variant and a local one. You may set a number of language tags which will be then treated as local languages and the validator will issue a warning if none of these languages appears within language variants of the entities. You may set the language to "en" so that no warnings are generated if no other language variants are present in the entities.

If no language tags are set, the validator will complain only if no non-English variants are found.

To check registrationAuthority field input the value here

Select your language tag click to add next language tag
skip local language checks

Metadata URL contains only one entity
(not signed, no EntitiesDescriptor tag)

Check for Debian weak keys
(increases significantly time of validation)

We check all MUSTs and SHOULDs from the eduGAIN profile requirements and recommendations (see eduGAIN Metadata Profile).

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